What services do you offer?

Currently, I am offering weddings, elopements, engagement/couple shoots, styled shoots and am always open to collaborate with you!


*If you are a primary photographer looking for a second shooter/assistant, please contact me!

Do you edit your images?

Yes, this is a vital step in the creative process. However, I will not Photoshop your appearance to look skinnier, etc. 

What is the average delivery time of photos? 

You should expect your photos within 2-6 weeks. I will deliver them to your email via an online gallery to which you can download the photos on to your computer, laptop, or mobile devices. 

How many photos will we expect? 

This depends, but you should expect a minimum of 40-60 edited photos per hour of shooting. 

Can I have the unedited, RAW files as well?

No, sorry! The reason being that I want to give you the BEST of the session as opposed to unfinished images. Part of my job is delivering photos that reflect my artistic taste. Delivering unedited, RAW files will defeat that purpose. I promise to give you ample variety. 

What is your pricing? 

Please contact me for pricing details. 

Shot List? Props?

If you have specific shots, poses, or props you would like to use, then I will welcome that! Just send them my way so I can better prepare for the shoot. I do not however provide props.

What do you shoot with?

I shoot with a Nikon D750. 

How can I book with you? 

Please contact me via the contact form or email me at: erinalbertphotos@gmail.com