Puerto Rico Honeymoon


June 25th- July 1st

For the first 2 nights of our trip, we stayed at an airbnb in Condado. This is near San Juan and our casa was a few minute walk to the Condado Beach. We took an Uber to explore Old San Juan.

Old San Juan Cemetery

Castillo San Cristobal

Castillo San Cristobal

Old San Juan

Our second lodging destination of the trip was at the incredibly beautiful Casa Grande Mountain Retreat. If you are looking for solitude, this is it!

Each hut had a hammock. We woke up for the sunrise one morning and watched the fog roll in. Something we are all too familiar with in the PNW.

Cueva del Indio Caves

Naturally, we went on a hike called Arbol Solitario, meaning, "the lonely tree." This was a quick hike and we chanced it by parking right off the highway.

There was a whole street full of tire characters.

We drove down a random road that quickly turned into an abandoned road. We had to wait for these guys to scooch over.

Lago dos Bocas Lake

You have to visit El Yunque forest if you visit Puerto Rico.

Juan Diego Falls

We also summited up the El Yunque Peak, however, zero visibility and no photos to show for it. Then it started to dump rain.

For our third and final lodging, we stayed at a stunning airbnb in Fajardo. We did a fun night kayaking tour of the bioluminescent bay and ate delicious Mofongo. If you have never seen bioluminsecent water, it is incredible waving your hands through water and watching it glow blue.

Side note, you will be placed in a group of all skill levels. Some have never kayaked in their life and it turns into bumper cars. That was the only annoyance of this experience. The glow of the water was incredible none the less!

We had an awesome time in PR and would love to visit some time again!